Domestic cleaning

Home cleaning tips you can use to be more effective

No one likes to clean, so every housewife dreams of a quick and magical way for her house to light up. One way is to leave this job to Cinderella cleaners. But if you have decided to do the cleaning by yourself, you’ve probably wondered more than once where to start cleaning – dust first or vacuum cleaner first, clean the kitchen before the bathroom or vice versa…

Here are some tips to help you clean up your home quickly and efficiently:

Minimalism in the home

The minimalist approach to furniture follows the principle of “less but better” in every respect – from the furniture to the last detail. Remove everything secondary and leave only the things you use every day. If you are a fan of decoration, then make it as clean as possible, but spectacular. For example, if your furniture is one-colour and without unnecessary ornaments, then the decoration may consist of colourful details that stand out and attract the eye.

Minimalism not only facilitates maintenance and cleaning, but also creates the impression of comfort, tranquillity and harmony. In contrast, a crowded interior carries a sense of heaviness, of multiple tasks to be completed, distracting and can increase stress.

Lift all objects off the ground

Before you start cleaning, go through all the rooms and collect the objects that are left on the ground – socks, clothes, magazines,toys. This will save you time wondering where to put them when you have already started with the vacuum cleaner.

Clean the whole house at once, not just one room

Organization is a key. Cleaning is much more effective if you choose a task (vacuum cleaning, washing, dusting) and perform it in every room in the house. If you clean each room individually from end to end, you will feel like in an endless cycle of cleaning, starting the same task over and over again.

Keep all your cleaning tools at hand

Put all the tools you will need for cleaning in one convenient place. In this way you will not waste time looking for them once you have started cleaning.

From dry to wet

Start with dry cleaning (vacuum cleaner and dust), then switch to wet – this will prevent the spread of dust and dirt.

Vacuum cleaning and dusting

Before turning on the vacuum cleaner and starting to wipe the dust, make sure that the air conditioner or fan is turned off. Change the sheets in the bedrooms before vacuuming. Pay attention to upholstered furniture, shelves, railings, photo frames, the TV. For hard-to-reach places, such as blinds and high shelves, use a handle with a towel tied to it.

Pay attention to carpets

Hairy surfaces collect the most dust. Therefore, pay special attention to carpets and rugs when vacuuming.

Wipe the mirrors and windows

Use a damp microfibre cloth first, then a dry one to clean mirrors and glass surfaces. Read our tips on how to clean windows easily.

Disinfect counter tops and surfaces

Go through the whole house and wipe the hard surfaces – shelves, appliances, cabinets, door handles, lamp switches, remotes. It is good to disinfect those surfaces that are most frequently touched and can contaminate hands and face with germs. Make a home-made disinfectant solution by mixing a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water.

Clean the bathtub, sinks and toilets

Spray all sinks – in the kitchen and in the bathroom, then the bathtub and toilet. Leave it for a few minutes so that it dissolves dirt and stains. Start cleaning from the kitchen. Don’t forget to wipe the inside of the microwave. Be sure to clean the area where you dispose of garbage. Clean the bathroom and flush the toilet.

Wash the floors

Clean the kitchen and bathroom floors. Start at the farthest corner of the room and move back to the door. Rinse the mop every time you wash approximately 4 square meters.

Musical accompaniment

Music creates a rhythm that allows you to act faster. A well-chosen musical accompaniment should include fast, energetic songs that lift your spirits and make you feel good. In this way you will move faster and at the same time you will increase your motivation.

Remember to clean the cleaning tools

An often overlooked part of home cleaning is maintaining the cleaning tools themselves. Using a dirty mop or a vacuum cleaner with a full bag is much less efficient and can end up costing you twice as much.

Do the cleaning a group activity

Involve the whole family in home cleaning to add a little fun and to speed up the process. Plan ahead with your family and give homework to everyone.

And last, but not least…

Clean on time

If the stove gets dirty while cooking, or the children spill juice on the kitchen counter, clean immediately. Cleaning on time will help you save effort and time in the long run.

Happy cleaning!