Hwo to clean the refrigerator with vinegar and baking soda

How to clean refrigerator with vinegar and baking soda

Our experience has shown that there are three things that a housewife hates to clean in her home. In the first place are the windows, followed by the stove and of course in the third place is the refrigerator. Every housewife in every corner of the world avoids cleaning them in any way. For this reason, we decided to write an article about some effective tricks for cleaning the refrigerator without the use of detergents.

Because not cleaning your refrigerator in more than a month can lead to mold on your food, dark mildew stains, and rancid odors, which can be dangerous to your health.

So, how to clean the refrigerator?
We usually remember to clean the refrigerator when we already have a visible problem – an unpleasant odor, the appearance of mold or mildew. Mold and mildew are the final step in which you urgently need to clean your refrigerator or even in a very severe case, buying a new one. The smell appears when there is a forgotten food that has spoiled or a long period of time has passed since its last cleaning. Standing in front of the refrigerator we wonder where to start.

Here are some guidelines:
Take everything out of the fridge. Discard spoiled products in the bucket. Disassemble and remove all possible modular elements from the refrigerator, ie. shelves, glasses, drawers.
Make a solution of 50:50 vinegar or lemon juice and lukewarm water. Fill a nebulizer with one part of the solution. Soak the modular elements of the refrigerator in the basin or sink with the other part of the solution.
Spray the refrigerator with the vinegar solution and water both outside and inside. Let the vinegar work and make its magic. If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, use alcohol or ammonia.
If you really have a bad odor in your refrigerator, there are several ways to get rid of it:

Burnt charcoal – knock the charcoal and put it in the fridge. After 7-8 hours there will be no memory of the bad smell;

Soda – solvent 2 tbsp. in 1 liter of water. Pour the solution into a bowl and place it in the refrigerator;

Rye bread – sounds strange, but rye bread absorbs odors. Place the whole slices, but in this case the appliance should work for about 10 hours.

Clove, orange, lemon, cinnamon – as long as you like these flavors, you can use them effectively against odors.
To continue cleaning, make a new solution of vinegar, soda and water with a ratio of 50:50 again. Put it back in the nebulizer. Take two towels or a towel and an absorbent sponge and start cleaning the refrigerator. You will see how instantly everything will be cleared. Regarding the cleaning of the refrigerator modules, do it under running water and use a sponge to clean the contaminated areas.

When you finish cleaning the refrigerator, don’t forget your biggest polishing helper, namely kitchen paper. It will add a touch of shine to an already cleaned refrigerator. The best moment, of course, is placing the products in the refrigerator and the pleasure of seeing it clean and tidy.

Just a reminder that when cleaning electrical appliances, first unplug them. Also, when storing food, pick it up or wrap it in bags so that the smell does not soak into the plastic of the refrigerator. Often neglected, but very important part of the domestic cleaning is to clean your refrigerator more regularly, because that’s where you keep the food you eat.

You don’t need the refrigerator to catch mold, mildew, or an unpleasant odor when you open the door to remember that it needs to be cleaned. Last but not least, throw away spoiled food, not put it from shelf to shelf in the secret hope that it will be thrown away on its own or disappear without a trace.