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Hwo to clean the refrigerator with vinegar and baking soda
Our experience has shown that there are three things that a housewife hates to clean in her home. In the first place are the windows, followed by the stove and of course in the third place is the refrigerator. Every housewife in every corner of the world avoids cleaning them in any way. For this reason, we decided to write an article about some effective tricks for cleaning the refrigerator without the use of detergents.
Domestic cleaning
No one likes to clean, so every housewife dreams of a quick and magical way for her house to light up. One way is to leave this job to Cinderella cleaners. But if you have decided to do the cleaning by yourself, you’ve probably wondered more than once where to start cleaning – dust first or vacuum cleaner first, clean the kitchen before the bathroom or vice versa… Here are some tips to help you
Bathroom cleaning London
Admit it with all your heart: cleaning the bathroom is the most unpleasant job of the housework. A real punishment. But here are a few ingenious tricks that will help you clean it up to shine quickly and most of all economically. Clean the dirtiest things in the bathroom The old bathroom curtain will look like new if you wash the yellowed and dirty areas with a solution of oxygen water and plain water in
How to clean windows easily
Useful Tips and Tricks to help you with window clieaning. Window Cleaning Equipment A large bucket Sponges or a scrubber A squeegee Window cleaning detergent Rags A Step-by-Step Guide To Window Cleaning 1. Line the floor in the room around the window with towels, so that you do not slip 2. First clean the inside of the window (the outside is likely to be dirtier). 3. Fill in the bucket with warm water and add